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Excellence, Experience, Highly personalized practice

From the beginning I had a clear notion of the path I wanted to follow: provide my patients the very best treatment in terms of excellence and overall experience from the moment they first come to the clinic to the end of the treatment plan.


  • Based on continuing education of everyone that works in the clinic.
  • By using the very best materials, chosen for the quality and not price.
  • By having state of the art equipment.
  • By selecting the very best collaborators from the Dental Hygienist to the Endodoncist to the Orthodoncist and finally the Ceramists that work with me and allow me to deliver a perfect smile.


My background is the Medical course, two years as a General Practitioner in the Public Hospitals followed by the specialisation both in Stomatology and maxillofacial Surgery
Private Practice of more than 30 years with hundreds of Smile Makeovers and Implant surgery Cases.

Highly personalized treatment

We are a small clinic and know each one of our patients.
I personally am in charge and coordinate every treatment plan and do most of the procedures.