Base treatments

It includes several procedures destined to restore health to the patient’s mouth and make them aware to its key role in maintaining this state:

– Oral Hygiene
. tartar removal
. subgingival curettage
. teaching techniques of brushing / flossing
. Topical application of fluoride and sealants (children)

– Dentistry
. Fillings with various materials from composites (esthetic) to amalgam (reserved for some cases of posterior teeth, poor aesthetics but greater longevity)
. Inlays-onlays and ceramic overlays: esthetic and durable but more expensive solution.

Endodontics (root canal treatment)
.Performed by an expert in the area (endodoncist)
.When caries are so deep that they reach the dental pulp (nerve) the only way to keep the tooth is a root canal.
.The treatment involves removing the pulp (nerve), channel /channels preparation and sealing with inert material.
Typically requires 2 sessions.

– Oral Surgery:
. Extractions
. Extractions of impacted teeth
. Cysts surgery
. Apicoectomy
. Soft tissue surgery

– Periodontal Surgery:
. Gingival plastic surgery
. Gingival grafts
. Periodontal pockets surgery

– Tooth Whitening
After dental check-up, which includes x-rays, molds are made in order to make custom trays.
In the next appointment there’s one session of bleaching (with gel of high concentrations activated by light) and the trays and gel to use at home is provided (1 hour per day or to use during night) for a minimum of 2 weeks.
With this protocol not only we achieve a greater degree of bleaching but also stable results (when doing only one session at the clinic the results quickly revert)

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