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This specialized area involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of alterations of both dental occlusion and skeletal (bone).

The importance of having well alligned teeth that oclude in an harmonious way is not only aesthetic ! It also improves hygiene, chewing ability and body posture.

There are currently many different approaches:

  • Interceptive Orthodontics
    Done in earlier phases can influence the growth of the jaws preventing more serious conditions that would only be corrected with surgery on later phases.
  • Conventional Orthodontics
    Metal and Ceramic (aesthetic) Brackets
  • Damon System
    With this technique the treatments become much faster, comfortable and very often we can avoid dental extractions.
  • Invisible Orthodontics
    Through the latest technology is now possible to align teeth and correct functional problems with invisible appliances. All planning is done through software enabling predictable results. This system uses a series of removable transparent aligners that will be gradually move the teeth.

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