Base treatments

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General procedures

Under this designation are a number of procedures aimed at restoring oral health and teaching the
patient how he should maintain it at home.

These procedures are essencial to everyone and further are the basis for all more advanced
procedures either of Oral Rehabilitation or Esthetics:


Cavity treatments, tooth reconstruction. Done preferably with aesthetic materials making fillings
virtually invisible.

Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction, impacted Teeth Extraction, Cyst Surgery, etc
As a Maxillofacial Surgeon I’m particularly at ease in this area and have vast experience

Endodontics (root canal)

Done by an expert an Endodontist, with clinical microscope and the techniques and materials
more advanced in this area leading to a high rate of successes and also the possibility of one
appointment treatments (instead of multiple appointments per tooth).

Oral hygiene (dental cleaning)

We pay special attention to this area and it is a pillar of our philosophy: if we are not able to have
a mouth free from tartar and dental plaque, also teach the patient how to maintain it daily, we
cannot reach a state of Oral Health.

Tartar removal, sub-gingival curettage, teaching oral hygiene techniques techniques (brushing
flossing), sealants in children, topical fluorine.