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The term Oral Rehabilitation involves a series of procedures of various extensions, aiming at
restoring the function and or esthetics of a smile.

The extension of the intervention can vary from the replacement of one or several teeth, to
aesthetic improvements in certain areas, to full mouth rehabilitation of one or both dental arches
over natural teeth or implants.

If you’re missing one or several teeth, if you have removable denture and want to get rid of it if,
you feel that you don’t chew food well or are not happy about your smile then Oral Rehabilitation
is for you.

In order to get the work done we have to make use of several techniques from Endodontics,
dentistry, dental veneers, crowns and bridges either over natural teeth or implants.

Technical excellence and experience is what defines my work.

As cases get more complex experience, choosing the best materials and aiming for excellency
gets crucial if you want to have lasting and good results with as few complications as possible.

I graduated in Medicine did an additional 10 years training as a doctor at a public hospital first in
Stomatology then in Maxillofacial Surgery. I have more than 30 years of private clinical practice .

In the area of Implantology, fundamental in Oral Rehabilitation, my experience is extensive.
One factor that differentiates me from other professionals is my philosophy of preserving the
natural tooth, using implants only when the natural tooth cannot possibly be saved as for me the
natural tooth is the best implant in the world.

All the choices I make, from the materials or Implants I use to the Ceramists I work with, are done
on a basis of excellency and not cost.