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Invisible or Clear Aligners are a very popular and convenient treatment because, as the name indicates, they are invisible, highly aesthetic, and easily cleaned (they are removable).

They should be worn for 22 to 23 hours a day, being removed to eat and brush your teeth.
Through high-tech digital technology it is possible to align your teeth and correct functional problems within a series of invisible acrylic trays.
All the treatment is planned through a specific software, permitting predictable results.
The system utilises a series of removable transparent trays which will  gently and progressively guide  your teeth permitting to obtain the same results as the conventional braces in selected cases.
As with other Orthodontic Treatments, Invisible or Clear Aligners are placed and supervised with regular appointments by an Orthodontist and not a general practitioner.

FAQ about Invisible Aligners

I did orthodontic treatment in the past and my teeth got back to their initial position, can I use aligners to correct this?

Yes, it is a more convenient option then braces.

After the treatment will I have to wear any kind of container?

Yes, as with any other orthodontic treatment you will have to wear a container.
Teeth have memory and their tendency is to return to the initial position.

What are the possible side effects of invisible aligners?

.Slight inflammation of the gums and lips for some days after the placement of the aligners.

.Sensitivity  of the teeth that are being moved

.Transitory augmented saliva production.

.Dry mouth

Is treatment with invisible aligners painful?

When a new aligner is placed it is natural that you feel some discomfort caused by the pressure on the teeth that are being guided to a new position. This discomfort will pass after a few days and can be managed, if needed, with paracetamol.

What is the duration of the treatment with invisible aligners?

It depends on the complexity of the case and number of aligners needed.

In general the duration of this treatment is about 12 months.

How much does an Invisible Aligner treatment cost?

It depends on your initial state and the number of aligners you will need to use.

Before starting the treatment, a simulation is done by computer that will tell you exactly the number and time needed for your treatment and therefore its cost.