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Tooth whitening is the more conservative aesthetic treatment that can be done and it’s widely used in our clinic either by itself or as a complement to other proceadures like Dental Veneers.
We prefer At-Home-bleaching as the results are better and last much longer than In-Office-bleachings, which is the reason we abandoned the later technique.
After dental checkup and x-rays, in order to be sure that the treatment can be done safely, custom trays are made which the patient takes home, together with the bleaching gel (Carbamide peroxide) to use either during the day, for one hour, or during the night (preferably, more effective) for a minimum of two weeks.

Internal tooth whitening

When you have one or more teeth darkened by a previous root canal you can, in many cases, reverse this condition with an Internal Tooth Whitening where the product is placed inside the tooth under great magnification with the Clinical Microscope for more safety.

FAQ about Tooth Whitening

Can I drink coffee during bleaching?

In the two weeks of treatment you should avoid coffee, tea, red wine or any food that can stain in
your teeth. If you cannot do without coffee you should rinse your teeth immediately after drinking

Does bleaching ruin your teeth?

No it doesn’t, but it can only be done by a dentist that first does a check up to look for cavities,
small fracture fractures, presence of tooth sensitivity that must be dealt with before starting the

Does tooth whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

In some cases patients mention sensitivity while they are doing the treatment. This is due to the
fact that the tooth is slightly more porous during treatment and is reversible after it.
For this reason if you already suffer from sensitivity you’re not a good candidate for dental
bleaching because sensitivity will certainly rise and can be an issue.
From my experience sensitivity is less when you use the night product, for this reason it is my
favorite one.

I have some crowns, can I Whiten my teeth?

You can but you have to be aware that this treatment will have no effect on ceramics so the
crowns, veneers or bridges will not whiten.

How long does it take to see results and how long does the treatment last?

Usually you start to see results at the end of some days but you should do two or three weeks
treatment in order to attain an optimum result and mainly a lasting one. The less time the product
is in contact with your teeth the sooner it will revert to its original color.

IS Laser or Ultraviolet bleaching more effective?

From my experience, no. Patients like this kind of treatment a lot because it is very convenient and has quick results.

The Teeth Whiten, not as much as with the use of individual trays with gel, but the results last only about six month.

Can I use bleaching toothpaste?

I don’t like the so-called whitening toothpaste because many of these are very abrasive, brushing away stains but also tooth enamel which is extremely harmful. Don’t use them.