Veneers step-by-step

Veneers step-by-step

After the initial evaluation which will define how many veneers and in which teeth they will be
placed the first impressions are made so that the lab technician can make the temporary veneers,
These have already the general shape of the final ones which allows us to see how it works on the
patient’s mouth.

On a second appointment the dentist will make minor reductions on the front part of your teeth
( in some cases no reduction is needed: no-prep Veneers).

Final impressions are made and temporaries are placed. These Impressions go to the lab for the
Ceramist to create the Veneers.

Meanwhile the patient leaves the office with a different smile, with temporary Veneers. This
the most fragile time of the process as temporary Veneers are not strong and special attention
must be paid, like not biting with your front teeth while you have them as they can fall or break.

About three weeks to a month the third appointment is scheduled to place the Ceramic Veneers.
About two weeks later a fourth appointment is scheduled to take the final pictures and do minor
adjustments in case they are necessary.