Dra. Paula Sequeiros


In my career I must highlight the Medical School days and my Hospital Internship, which taught me to look at each person as a whole and reinforced the sense of responsibility that every doctor should have in relation to each of his patients (Primo non nocere ).

I chose Stomatology (after some hesitation between this and Plastic Surgery), never imagining just how much this option would prove fascinating. I started a path that I still walk today, learning and training in an area with enormous possibilities and constant evolution.

My post-graduate training has been mainly in the US (but also Spain, Brazil and Portugal) and allows me to be up to date of the constant innovations, learn the techniques and compare my work with the best. Hospital Practice and Surgery have always been areas that interested me so after Stomatology I did a second Internship in Maxillofacial Surgery which allowed me to broaden my horizons in this area, gain experience and address areas such as Implantology and Oral Surgery with a more solid foundation.

I’ve always been passionate about my work and I am forever grateful to the colleagues with whom I have learned and to my patients for their trust.

I graduated from Medical School in 1984
Did my General internship at the Hospital Egas Moniz.
After that I specialized in Stomatology (Hospital Pulido Valente) and afterwards in Maxillofacial Surgery (Hospital São José)
I founded Sanoral in 1987 and dedicated exclusively to my private practice since 1995.

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