Dra. Catarina Almeida


I started my academic career at the University of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon in 1995. I early made volunteer work, internships, and several trainings in healthcare.

Organized and participated in numerous conferences of Dental Medicine, and started to specialize myself in the area of Endodontics in 2003. Attended since then, theoretical and practical courses of advanced and microscopic Endodontics techniques in the U.S., Spain and Portugal taught by international experts, always watching technological developments and knowledge.

Taught several theoretical and practical courses in Endodontics, participating in training general practitioners dentists and dental assistants.
I am proud to work as endodontist in Sanoral Clinic since 2005 and of deserving the sympathy and trust of our patients.
And because all knowledge is precious, I am currently finalizing the Master in Medicine in the University of Medicine of Lisbon. The hospital practice alongside practice in a private clinic and proximity to: medical areas that intersect with Dental Medicine, other pathologies and other experiences allow greater understanding, applicability and humanization of the medicine that I want to pursue.

Toda a Equipa

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