Paula Sequeiros

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Highly Personalized Treatment. Dr. Paula Sequeiros personally coordinates all cases and performs much of them.

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Dental Clinic in Lisbon

I´ve always liked to know how the body functions, promote health and solve problems. Medical School was an obvious choice as I can do that and make a difference in people’s lives. This together with my desire of authonomy led me to choose this area and I started a practice specialized in Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation. This area allows me to see work done every day and feel that I was part of it. (Paula Sequeiros)

Smile Design as an Art .

Health, function and aesthetics are the three pillars of my practice. With the new techniques at our disposal, from Implants, to Veneers and Dental Crowns, Gingival Surgery or Invisible Orthodontics , we can create a new, confident smile. I became an expert on Veneers and Smile-Lift or Make-Over, a technique I learned in the United States in the 90s which gives maximum aesthetics results.. It has a wide range of indications, from Anti-Aging ( Smile-Lift), closure of unsightly spaces between teeth or correction of dental malpositions without braces.

Maximum Responsibility

My work is my responsability and I must always bear in mind that I have to be worthy of my patients trust and provide what is best for each single case. The whole process of dealing with people requires not only technical expertise, but also to empathize with the patient in order to choose the most appropriate solution to the person in front of us.

Promote self confidence

I believe that my work improves the lives of people as more self-confidente they will improve other aspects of their life. I always try to achieve health and aesthetics. The passion I feel for my work is patent in the Before and After cases that I have the pleasure of sharing with you. We aim at Excelence of Service and this is what makes us different for 30 years


Personalized Treatment

We know each and every one of our patients, and Dr. Paula Sequeiros personally coordinates all cases.


30 years of clinical practice, with hundreds of successful cases ranging from oral rehabilitation, smile lifts and implants.

Technical Excellence

Achieved by the combination of: a solid education background, continuous training in the U.S., Spain and Brazil, rigorous procedures and careful selection of reference ceramists.

Our Services

Wide selection of services to answer your problems.

How We Work

Diagnostic Phase

Data collection, treatment plan and budget.

Base treatments

Promoting oral health.

Rehabilitation Phase

Returning confidence to your smile.

Our Team

Led by Dr. Paula Sequeiros the Sanoral Clinic has a team of dedicated and motivated professionals who can ensure the excellence of our services.

Dra. Paula Sequeiros


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Located in the center of Lisbon, at Campo Pequeno, our clinic has the perfect location so you don’t waste time and start smiling as soon as possible!

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